7 Amazing Reasons Why Sprinting is Better Than Jogging Long Distance

7 Amazing Reasons Why Sprinting is Better Than Jogging Long Distance

Sprinting or jogging? Both are great forms of cardio, but which one is better? Which one should you be doing? In this article we’ll go over 7 amazing benefits to sprinting and why you should start doing it. Sprinting vs jogging Sprinting is a HIIT workout where you run for quick amounts of time. It […]

Truth of Human Growth Hormone and Naturally Building Muscle

Truth of Human Growth Hormone and Naturally Building Muscle

Human growth hormone is proven to decrease the older you get. And it turns out that HGH influences your muscle growth in a major way. While many body builders inject HGH you don’t have to do that to gain the benefits of this hormone. You can naturally boost your human growth but you’ll first want […]

5 Reasons Why Leg Extensions Boost Testosterone & Benefit Your Overall Health

A bodybuilder doing leg extensions

The leg extension machine is a nice piece of exercise equipment that can help strengthen the quads and lower body. It’s also one of the most controversial exercise equipment out there. Whether you are a pro at leg extensions or brand new here at five reasons the leg extension machine benefits your health. What are […]

5 Steps to Building Muscle Following a Ketogenic Diet

5 Steps to Building Muscle Following a Ketogenic Diet

In the medical community the keto diet is a popular weight loss approach and a medicinal treatment for epilepsy. In the mainstream world though the keto diet can be helpful for athletes looking to get leaner and stronger and even build more muscle. While the traditional ketogenic diet isn’t necessarily a high protein diet, there […]

Increase your Vertical Jump with these 4 Weightlifting Exercises

A person jumping in the air. The text reads Weightlifting exercises you can do to increase your vertical jump.

    If you’ve ever wanted to improve your vertical jump — whether for sports like football, basketball or volleyball, or simply to gain some well-deserved bragging rights at the gym — you’ve probably wondered what it takes to get that type of air. Luckily there are some specific weight lifting exercises you can do […]

What You Must Know Before Taking Anabolic Steroids For Bodybuilding

A muscular man lifting a barbell. Text reads "What you must know before taking anabolic steroids for bodybuilding"

Whether you have been offered anabolic steroids by a friend or coach, or you’ve been intrigued by the results of bodybuilders at your gym, it’s important to get educated about what steroids are and how they affect your body. What Are Anabolic Steroids Exactly? Anabolic steroids are a synthetically produced variant of the male hormone, […]

How to Naturally Boost Testosterone for Leaner Muscle Mass

  Have you experienced a plateau in your lean muscle mass despite regularly working out? Are you over the age of 40? There is a chance that your body is experiencing a natural decrease in testosterone that comes with aging and in this article we’ll show you how to naturally boost your testosterone levels to […]

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