A sleek upgrade to the original Hyper Vest.
• Durable, adjustable and form-fitting weighted vest.

• Innovative design features a unique fabric control system that hugs the body for an extremely comfortable fit, but does not restrict range of motion.

• The vest’s patented design flexes more in the horizontal plane and less in the vertical plane, allowing for full chest expansion while keeping the weights in place during vigorous, multi-plane movements.

• Each vest comes with 10 lbs of weight.

• Small vests are adjustable to 15 lbs while the medium, large and extra large vests can adjust to 20 lbs.

• ¼” thick, high-density steel weights each weigh 2.25 oz.

Booster Packs allow you to add an additional 5 lbs of weight to your Hyper Vests.

Elite Hyper Vest



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