• New brand: The one and Only Marrs-Bar (safety squat bar)  to achieve insane growth while easing pain away from your normal squat and helping balance and stability that will allow you to increase weight and gains.

  • Bring sport teams up to cutting edge!  Built with a Max loaded weight 1200 lbs and Vinyl-wrapped High Density Memory Foam this is one tuff peace of equipment that is very well built !

  • Excellent for commercial, home gyms and gym goers of all ages male/female.

  • See new video below.

  • The price does NOT include shipping!  You must contact us for best possible shipping rate. It only ships freight  so we will need destination address .

  • These bars normally ship within two to three weeks shipping time! We “DO” ship weekly to who is in line to receive next! Place your order to get in line. Due to “covid” at this point almost all bars are shipping  three to five weeks.

  • SHIPPING: UPS/FEDEX will not ship this item it is freight only. Price does NOT include shipping please contact us via phone or email at support@legpresshq.com before paying with destination address for best possible rate.
  • Uses:  Traditional, Front Squat, Lunge, Good Mornings,

    Rehab & Physical Therapy

  • Warranty: Lifetime on Manufacture defect


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