Refunds are only available before product ships and you the customer will be responsible for the credit card fee that is issued through the credit card processing company. The credit card processing company charges Leg Press HQ this fee to process your payment and if we refund that payment “they” the credit card processing company keeps this fee even when we refund!. We Leg Press HQ does not necessary like this but it is now their newer policy. This fee is now your responsibility. If your product has already shipped then see returns/policy.

Covid 19- We truly apologize for the slow shipping on some of our products this is out of our control and we have done our best to warn you before purchasing in several places on our site . NORMALLY this would not be the case and as a business we do not like it we do our best to treat you as we would like to be treated!. Please be patient and know that several times each week we get product and get it shipped out to who was in line to receive it next we are working very closely with all of our venders/manufacturers to get our orders in and processed out as fast as we can. This so called covid 19 has been hard on everyone especially businesses and manufacturers across the US this is why you are seeing out of stock items. We want to thank you for choosing Leg Press HQ.